Salmon quantities are limited in Asheville NC and Charlottesville VA. Reserving your salmon early ensures that we will have enough to fulfill your requests.  Orders are honored on a first come first serve basis and when it’s gone it’s gone…

At least until next season.

Reserve the 2024 Catch now

This page is only for reserving Asheville NC and Charlottesville VA. If you want to reserve fish from a different location, please go to our Main Fish Reservation Page



  • All of our Sockeye fillets and single serving portions are vacuum sealed and flash frozen to maximize freshness.
  • Sockeye fillets weigh approximately 1.5lb and will serve four adults.  Fillets are sold in a 20lb box (roughly 14 fillets).
  • Sockeye portions weigh approximately 6 oz. and will serve one adult.  Portions are sold in 10lb boxes (roughly 23 portions).
  • Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns.