The Kropf brothers have been fishing in Bristol Bay for over a decade. In that time they have handled roughly 1.8 million pounds of some of nature’s finest seafood.

In addition to carpal tunnel syndrome, they have also acquired an intimate knowledge of the fishery they’ve come to love.  Proper handling and care of the fish has become the top priority on the boat in a movement towards producing a product of superior quality. 

“We eat the same salmon that we sell all year long and take great pride in being able to thaw out a fillet from the previous season and still be able to enjoy sashimi grade salmon.” 

A few years ago their cousin/brother Ben joined the crew and has become a seasoned fisherman in a short time.  He’s also expanded Salmon To You into Asheville NC, where he and his wife Julie run a small construction business in the offseason. 

Former crew member and family friend Todd Nolt continues to help with public outreach and distribution back home in Boone NC, and hopes to return to the bay to fish again at some point.

By buying direct from your fishermen you know exactly where your fish is coming from and how it’s been handled and cared for. Any profits make their way back into Salmon to You and help support the fishery as a whole. 

Bristol Bay is the last remaining salmon runs of its size. Our goal, along with many of the other fishermen who fish the bay, is to preserve and protect this fishery through proper stewardship so that these prolific salmon runs can continue to provide and prosper for generations to come.